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Hello, I'm Jennifer. Shipping Troye Sivan and Tyler Oakley is my life. THE TROYLER FEELS ARE STRONG.

26. August 2014






the great thing is that i dont think we even meant to trend that. it just happened. 

accidentally adores too hard to the point of worldwide trends -a novel by the troyler family

the fact that this has happened before…

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I posted a video on my GCSE Results if anyone’s interested :)
If you aren’t from the UK, they are basically a series of important exams you sit at the age of 15/16 and gain qualifications from.

Let me know how you did! <3


NEW VIDEO: “Tanya Burned My Face Off :’(" - reblog if you want me to stalk your Tumblr - I’m always in need of new people to follow and blogs to fall in love with! :]

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